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Law & Awarder

A fanfiction & graphics award community

Law & Awarder: An Awards Community
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This is a Law & Order fiction and graphics awards community.

The shows that are included are:
The Original Series
Special Victims Unit
Criminal Intent
Trial By Jury

How it works is quite simple:

A deadline for submissions of either fiction or graphics will be given.
You may submit your own work for consideration, or the work of someone else.

There will be a thread for each show--within each show, there will be subcategories (for example, with Fanfic, there will be a thread apiece for TOS, SVU, CI, etc. Nominations will be taken for the subcategories of Character, Case-fic, Relationship, and partnership).

After nominations are closed, the judges, each hand-selected for their knowledge of the shows, as well as their fanfic or graphics knowledge, will make their decisions.

There are also special Judges Awards that are given out, called The Lennies, honoring the late Jerry Orbach and Det. Lennie Briscoe.

If you have any questions, please contact the moderator, thelennies.